More photographs to bide the time between rides

As I said, I plan to post photographs from past rides in this space, in lieu of actual rides. I was in the Czech ski resort of Spindleruv Mlyn this weekend, so I did not get a chance to ride.

I love to photograph odd or funny signs along the trail. Here are two from my rides last summer. I like the train sign because it looks like something from a storybook, not a real road sign.

I was biking on a particularly hot day last summer. The Czech countryside was lush and ripe. I passed an orchard full of cherry trees dripping with fruit. I pulled off the road, pedaled through the rows of tree and stopped. I gorged myself on mouthfuls of hot cherries.

I took particular pleasure last summer out of eating the fresh fruit I passed as I was biking. I had apples and cherries, and something that looked like a pear, but I don't think it was, and sunflower seeds (see an earlier entry, below). I also rode past a vast field of poppy plants. I could have sworn I was in southern Afghanistan or something. Very strange.

Daisy and I broke open a pod and out spilled tens of thousands of fresh poppy seeds. Sadly, we didn't have any cream cheese or bagels with us. The Czechs are known for their love of poppy seeds, but I didn't realize that they also grew the seeds here.


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