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I took this picture of a lone poppy in a field of ripening rapeseed in late May. You can find it, and other photographs, in my new blog slideshow, in the left-hand column.

I finally received my winter biking clothes from Bike Nashbar. An undershirt. A jersey. A jacket. Lobster-claw gloves. Shoe covers. All breathable fabrics. All supposedly will keep me comfortable in cold weather.

This morning in Prague, it was about minus 4 Celsius, or around 25 degrees Fahrenheit. Frosty. I'm hoping to go out on Saturday morning for a ride, if the weather, and my schedule, hold.

Slideshow Blog

I've added a new feature to the blog this week -- a slideshow of photographs that have previously appeared in various posts since I began writing in February.

Many have commented on how much they enjoy the photographs here, so I'm in the process of assembling what I think are the best ones into the slideshow, which you can find in the column to the left. You can click on any of the photos to see them in a larger format, which will take you to my page at

From there, you can click on the URL beneath each enlarged photo to go directly to the blog post where it first appeared, to find out more about where it was taken, and when.

I hope you like this new feature. It's kinda fun to see the whole cycling year flash by in photos. (Did anyone get my "Simpsons'" play-on-words in this post? At least I thought it was clever.)

Stay tuned for a blog post about my cold-weather riding this weekend.


Heather said…
I got the Simpsons's reference!!! :)
Anonymous said…
I didn´t. But hello from the Hotel Juno. Weŕe going to ride up to Hradcany today and afterward maybe ride towards Karlstejn, but probably won´t make it. Itś been fun and we found Cycle Expert yesterday. They had cheap dry-bag panniers! Hope your new cold-weather gear worked well. Czech keyboards are weird¨! Pauline

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