The World's Stupidest Bike Lanes

My cycling pal Mark just sent me the videos posted above, which he came across on Slate, all about the world's stupidest bike lanes.

Regular readers will no doubt remember my own contribution to this genre a few weeks back. I was riding across Stefanikuv bridge in Prague, and was pleasantly surprised to discover a newly created bike lane separating the cyclists from the psychos.

Much to my surprise, however, the bike lane abruptly ended about three-quarters of the way across the bridge, leaving cyclists to suddenly merge with fast-moving cars, trucks and buses just ahead of an extremely busy intersection.

I still don't understand the logic.

Anyway, the Slate videos are well done, and quite funny (especially Part 2). The host says that most of the stupidest bike lanes seem to be in Europe. His theory is that's because there are more bike lanes here. That may be true in Amsterdam and Munich, but it sure ain't the case in Prague.

Check out the videos.

I've already sent in my contribution for the next installment.

The bike lane on this bridge in Prague abruptly ends about three-quarters of the way across.


We get no respect. No respect at all.

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