A Life-Changing Moment

Daisy savors her "life-changing experience."

Daisy and I don't get a chance to ride our bikes together too often, so it was a real treat to head out with her recently on a beautiful autumn day in Prague.

It was also a treat to witness what she herself described as a "life-changing" moment.

We headed out from our house in Černý Vůl toward the village of Statenice, and on to Tuchoměřice.

I had this idea of showing Daisy the spot at the start (or end) of one of the runways at Prague airport where, if the planes are landing in the right direction, offers an incredible perspective of the low-flying behemoths as they pass right over your head. (I took a cool video of a plane landing for an earlier blog post.)

Daisy heads down a colorful country road near Statenice.

Unfortunately, on this particular day, the planes were taking off over our heads, which is much less impressive, since by the time they reach this spot, they're already pretty high in the air. Even with that, we only saw one plane taking off while we were there. A slow day at the airport.

The one redeeming feature of this route, however, was that the country road that heads out there, which passes through the village of Kněževes and Dobroviz, is lined with fruit trees.

Fruit trees full of ripe fruit.

We stopped to pick some pears and then some apples.

Turns out, Daisy -- as far as she can recall -- had never picked a piece of fruit fresh from a tree and then eaten it. She called the experience "life-changing."

I can confirm that, yes, the pears and apples did taste pretty damn good.

At Daisy's urging, we also climbed to the top of a mountain of hay rolls and surveyed the countryside.

She's queen of the world!

We acted like a couple of kids, basically.

Daisy also had the urge, before the day was done, to drink a beer whilst sitting in the sun. Now that's a goal I can heartily support.

The trick was finding a pub that had outdoor seating facing the setting sun.

Beer? Check. Sitting in the sun? Check.

In the end, we stopped at a pub in Statenice -- or should I say we stopped at the pub in Statenice -- whose name, sadly, escapes me.

We ordered a couple of half-liters, grabbed a few chairs from inside, and sat outside in the gloaming.

Mission accomplished.

Length of ride: 25 kilometers
Average speed: 17.3 kph
Maximum speed: 38.3 kph
Pivo Index: 1
Time on the bike: 1.25.27
Distance ridden so far in 2008: 1,279 kilometers

Three views (above and below) of lovely red ivy snaking its way over buildings in the village of Dobroviz, west of Prague.

The rather sad train station in Dobroviz.


mark said…
I have to admit Daisy is more attractive than Stewart in that post-ride beer pose! :)

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