Check Out The Blog On Facebook!

I've started a Facebook page for Grant's Prague Bike Blog that I hope will become a forum for discussion, for posting interesting, links and videos and photos, and just a great place to share tips and trails.

If you're on Facebook, search for Grant's Prague Bike Blog and become a fan. We'd love to have you!

-- Grant


Karen said…
I understand that using Feedbook is a good way to feed blogs to those who might not go to them directly, but if comments get moved to Facebook rather than your blog, doesn't each one get slighted and disjointed? I'm not seeing the benefit beside the feed.
Grant Podelco said…
The comments will stay on the blog, I hope. But the Facebook page gives readers a chance to share links, post their own cycling photos, etc., things that you can't really do on the blog itself. Gives me a chance to share things I see elsewhere which may not really fit on the blog itself. That's the idea anyway!
Anonymous said…
Why not use #praguebikeblog on Twitter? Facebook steals your content.

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