The Road To Heaven

That's Mark Baker (left), Brian Reagan, Stewart Moore, David Murphy, and myself at Únětický pivovar.

We had the best of intentions.

A bike ride was planned. We'd all meet at the Únětický pivovar in Únětice and then cycle out to the village of Chýně, about 25 kilometers away.

There's also a brewpub in Chýně. Total coincidence.

The thing was, we met up in Únětice, and the sun was shining, and the beer was flowing and we all got to talking nonsense and somehow one beer turned into five. Or maybe it was six.

Finally, we extricated ourselves and headed toward Chýně, through Tuchoměřice.

CLICK HERE for a map of our route via Garmin Connect

Tuchoměřice, only about five kilometers from Únětice, is the home of Auberge de Provence, a lovely Belgian restaurant with an elegant outdoor patio and garden that some in our cycling party had never visited.

So we stopped for another drink. And some food. Fine food, it was. Oysters on the half shell and Caesar salad and fantastic Belgian frites. A rump steak. A few more beers. We never made it to Chýně.

It was one of our shortest, beeriest, and most memorable rides.

But this is why we ride. For the exercise, of course, but for the friends and the adventure. For the utter unpredictability. For the fun of it.

Length of ride: 27 kilometers
Average speed: 15.2 kph
Maximum speed: 53.4 kph
Time on the bike: 1.46.39
Pivo Index: 7? 8?
Distance ridden so far in 2012: 149 kilometers

The long slog to Tuchoměřice.

Holding forth at Auberge de Provence.

Oysters at Auberge de Provence.

Rump steak at Auberge de Provence.

An excellent Caesar salad at Auberge de Provence.

Things started to get a little fuzzy after so many beers.

Ještě jedno pivo?

Brian and his fancy new Cannondale. (Photo by Mark Baker)

Clouding over. (Photo by Mark Baker)

Here's to good friends. Tonight is kinda special. (Photo by Mark Baker)


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