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Photo of U Lasiku by Margot Buff

Daisy and I took our good friend Margot Buff out for a ride on some of our favorite local trails and to some of our favorite cycling haunts -- Únětický Pivovar and U Lasiku, to be specific.

Margot's a talented filmmaker, videographer, and photographer (and I'm thrilled that she's letting me publish some of her photos of the ride here on my blog).

We met up at Vítězné náměstí in Prague 6, headed down to the Vltava, and rode along the west side of the river north to the village of Roztoky. From there we took the beautiful forest path to Únětice and then on to our old home village of Černý Vůl to check on and feed Oscar, our longtime pet feral cat, as we do once a week or so. (Read more about Oscar here.)

We drank a few beers, ate our fair share of the lovely homemade pies and tarts at U Lasiku, and generally had a fantastic afternoon on the bikes.

Length of ride: 36 kilometers
Average speed: 15.1 kph
Maximum speed: 38.1 kph
Time on the bike: 2.24.03
Distance ridden so far in 2012: 210 kilometers

The future is now, in the village of Únětice, by Margot Buff

Pie and beer, together and last, at U Lasiku, by Margot Buff

Photo of U Lasiku by Margot Buff

Grant and Daisy, by Margot Buff

Daisy and Margot enjoy the house specialty at Únětický Pivovar from just the cutest little mugs.

While we were sitting at the Únětický Pivovar, a man and his wife drove up in this Daimler convertible coupe. I believe he said it was a 1952 model. Gorgeous, gorgeous car.


Anonymous said…
I love the colors her photos have. Did you notice what kind of camera she had? Were they on film?

I know I'm falling into the "your camera takes good pictures" kind of thing so I have to say she has a great eye for composition.
Anonymous said…
Thanks, Anonymous! I have this camera: (Note that it's identified as a camera for students and hobbyists, not pros.) You can get great pictures with any camera, though: most of the "look" comes from adjusting the colors and contrast in Photoshop or another program. There are a lot of online tutorials to get you started.
- Margot
Anonymous said…
Thanks for the Únětický Pivovar tip. We risked the uncertain weather yesterday and did a loop from Brevnov across Sarka to Unetice, then on through Roztoky. The beer was great. I've marked it on my map of fun trails and nice pubs:

The photo's looks great. Thanks for sharing.

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