Time To Hang It Up

Near Jeneralka and Divoká Šárka.

I appear to be engaged in some sort of contest to see how little I can ride my bike this summer. And I think I've won.

And because I've ridden my bike so very little this summer, and because I'm out of shape, and have allowed myself to gain a few pounds, what with trips to Austria and Croatia -- and a few Prague beer gardens -- over the summer, and because my new flat in Prague 6 makes it harder to meet up with my regular cycling buddies for impromptu adventures, I seem to have lost my enthusiasm for riding. (All lame excuses, I know.)

I was thinking about all this as I grunted my way up the (for me) rather steep hill from Jeneralka to Nebušice. Yes, I actually went for a ride on Saturday. (I couldn't think of an excuse not to.)

From Nebušice, I climbed another hill to get to Divoká Šárka, rode around there a bit, and then headed back toward the Prague 6 neighborhood of Vokovice where I live.

It was a short ride, but a momentous one, in that during the ride I basically decided not to get on my bike again until I'm in better physical shape and have a better mental attitude. I just didn't enjoy myself. I couldn't wait for it to be over.

And that's no way for a guy who writes a cycling blog to feel.

Length of ride: Probably around 15 kilometers
Time on the bike: About an hour
Maximum speed: N/A
Pivo Index: 0
Distance ridden so far in 2012: 225 kilometers

I photographed this door in the village of Nebušice as I was slogging my way up to the park known as Divoká Šárka.

I found this inscription (photographed in two takes) on a small bridge near the restaurant called Chorvatský mlýn on Horoměřická near Jeneralka. Anyone have any idea what it says or why it's there?


Anonymous said…
Bridge of our blessed Saint Benedict warm gracious noble, I hope genius google is right, but I don´t know what MhVnC is. Number or some latin short?
Good blog, crazy beer wooden cabin in Prokopské údolí is my favorit place:)
E said…
Too bad to hear this season was a bust for your riding, this blog helped me find a lot of great places and got me started riding a lot. I got a new cyclocross bike this spring alongside my MTB and it's really made riding more interesting again, I'm pretty much set on year-round commuting now.

Also, this has to sound pretty creepy, but I think I saw you at the Springsteen concert after the show, I wanted to say hi, but there were too many people spilling out of the arena.

In nice weather we have an office group that rides pretty casually on Wednesday evenings, maybe you'll join for a ride next year seeing that you're in P6 now. We're just across the tracks near Vypich.

Make it your NY resolution to ride and blog more next year!

Grant Podelco said…
Thanks, E. I was definitely at the Springsteen show. What a night that was! Can you send me a note next time you have an office ride (grantpodelco@yahoo.com)? I'm definitely down but not out of cycling. Thanks for your kind words.

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