Dark And Stormy

The merry crew.

Took a quick ride the other day over to Roztoky. My goals were three-fold.

1. Get a bit of exercise.
2. Hang out with friends.
3. Drink some Guinness.

Not necessarily in that order.

I'd gotten word that the Cafe-Bar Eiffel, near the football pitch in Roztoky, had undergone a bit of a rebirth, with some comfy picnic tables outside and some tasty beers on tap inside. It's part French cafe, part Irish pub.

I rode over to Roztoky from my flat in Prague 6, getting caught in a pretty hard rainstorm just as I arrived in the village. I was able to take shelter in an underpass until it passed.

Then I (admittedly) walked my bike up the very steep path into upper Roztoky, where I met up with James Gogarty and Stewart Moore, his two kids, Jules and Ronan, and his wife, Kathleen.

(James was one of the first people I met through this blog, way back in 2007. Read that post here. In fact, our meeting, so soon after I started writing, made me think that I'd constantly be hounded by my fans. In fact, that was the one and only time that ever happened! Silly me.)

Indeed, there was Guinness on tap, and it was cheap -- 48 CZK ($2.25) for .4 liters. It wasn't the best-poured pint (or almost pint) of the black stuff I've ever had, but it's really hard to complain.

I was in Dublin in May and a pint of Guinness is around 5.10 or 5.20 euros (or roughly 144 CZK).

They also had a delicious Czech IPA on tap. Its name escapes me at the moment.

We had a great time, chatting and telling stories and drinking.

And I was able to accomplish all of my goals.

Length of ride: 18 kilometers
Average speed: 17.5 kph
Maximum speed: 38.5 kph
Time on the bike: 1 hour
Pivo Index: Um, 5, I think?

I'm not sure you should be able to see any light through a pint of Guinness. I see a faint trickle peeking through the bottom there. But heck, it's only 48 CZK.

Seeking shelter from the storm.


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