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Happy As Pigs In Sh*t

The ride deserves to be recorded. The ride happened in mid-April 2016. (Yes, I know. I'm not a very good bike blogger.) The ride included Stewart Moore, Brian Reagan, and myself. It was a bit of a birthday ride, as I recall. I was about to turn 55. The ride started with Brian and I cycling from Prague 6, north along the Vltava River, to meet Stewart at the ferry crossing near Roztoky. From there, we rode along the path that hugs the river on its eastern side, and from which two of our comrades have plunged into the drink -- one with only his pride hurt, the other suffering fractured ribs and a broken collarbone, if I remember correctly. (Read more about that adventure here .) The ride was a particularly boozy one. Perhaps because it was my birthday. Perhaps because we were just so pleased to be out on the bikes in such a glorious setting. Perhaps it was the company. Or perhaps it all felt just so right. The ride took us up to Kralupy nad Vltavou and then to Marina V

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