A New Year, A Renewed Effort

Like almost everyone else in the galaxy, I've resolved to lose some weight and get in shape in 2016. I'm on Weight Watchers (which has worked successfully for me in the past), I've ordered a Fitbit Charge HR wristband, and I've got a weight goal tied to my birthday on April 24 and a reward for myself if I reach my goal (a new tattoo).

And as part of this effort, I hope to ride more in 2016 and blog more about it. (And I hope to post more on my other blog, Gusto, too.) Even though I bought a new bike early last year, I hardly rode at all last year. Pitiful, really.

It's been cold and snowy and now gray and rainy for the past week or so here in Prague. So in the meantime, before I get back on the bike again, here are some photos from a ride I took in October or November of last year. I rode around Stromovka park and along the Vltava River and down toward Liben. That's always a great ride.

Thanks for reading. I hope to post more rides and photos here soon. I hope the new year is a good one for you and your family.

Some black-and-white shots of the new bridge over the Vltava between Troja and Liben.

A little video of some kayakers negotiating the slalom between Troja and Liben.


Anonymous said…
Great pics, the second one with the clouds is awesome.
Grant Podelco said…
Hey, thanks very much! I really appreciate it! Grant
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