I Am On Twitter

Hello, everyone.

Just a quick note -- between blog posts -- to let everyone know that I am on Twitter, and tweeting away fairly regularly.

About biking. About Prague. About life.

Also recording some AudioBoos, too. (See below for a sample.)

Please check me out and follow me, if you're so inclined. It would be a pleasure to tweet in your general direction.

You can find me on Twitter at grantpodelco


dyanna said…
I lick your blog.I'm waiting for your new posts.
I liked your audioBoo from The Hill of Doom.

I finally got a bike now so maybe i should try it out some day. Is it the Na Kuthence shown on the audioBoo map?
Grant Podelco said…
Thanks! No, it's not Na Kuthence. It's a dotted line on the map. It doesn't have a name, really. You can find it as a little spur off the main trail on the list of routes on the left hand column of my blog, called Hill of Doom.
Ah ok I get it, it's the hill up from where you used to live. I didn't notice your route plans on the left before (I usually read you blog in a feed reader) Thanks for pointing them out. I will have a look at them

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