The Best Bike Shop In Prague

The best bike shop in Prague, IMHO. And no, I'm not getting paid or reimbursed in any way for saying that!

I'm frequently asked for recommendations on the best bike shops in Prague.

And my answer is always the same: Cykloservis U Tyrše at Jaselská 29 in Prague 6, not far from the Hradčanská or Dejvická metro stations.

It's really the only bike shop I'm familiar with (it used to be right down the street when I lived at Hradčanská a few years ago), but the only one I really need. The guys who work there are knowledgeable, friendly, and honest, and a few of them speak pretty good English, which makes things a lot easier.

Prague's lilacs are always a wonder.

They have a good selection of bikes and accessories, and the prices are reasonable, in my estimation.

I've also heard from others who have had good experiences there.

I've been meaning to stop there for quite some time now. I lost my CatEye odometer somewhere in the fields a few months back. I also needed new cycling gloves, and a new bag for under my frame. A spare tube for my backpack, and some chain lube. And a new light.

I was working the late shift one day last week and decided just to ride there from my house in Černý Vůl one morning. It's about 14 kilometers each way.

I was surprised to see this cool British bus parked outside the Ekotechnické museum (the old sewage cleaning station) in Prague 6 near the Vltava River.

Along the way, I saw a doubledecker bus and some gorgeous lilacs, and came face-to-face with construction of a road connecting Sedlec and Roztoky. Anyone know what the deal is with this stretch of highway. Will the old road be turned into a cycling path?!

Length of ride: 28 kilometers
Average speed: 16.8 kph
Maximum speed: 31.8 kph
Time on the bike: 1.37.54
Pivo Index: 0
Distance ridden so far in 2010: 197.5 kilometers

Anyone know the story behind this highway being built between Sedlec and Roztoky?

A beautiful flowering shrub of some sort along the trail in Roztoky.

A coal chute in Únětice.

The Italianate facade of an old house in Roztoky.


Shame that shop is so far from my place. I've never been entirely happy with the service I get in Prague bike shops. Outside the capital I've had much better experiences - for example at Jelena Treutnerová in Česká Lípa en route to Berlin last year, and at Viking ( in Králíky while cycling the Czech-Polish border in that foul weather last weekend. Shops like those deserve a special mention.
Grant Podelco said…
I agree. Consider them mentioned! It's great to give a nod to the good guys out there.
Marek said…
As to the highway, I believe that they are just moving it to the other side of the railway, so there is not that railway crossing in the middle... perhaps it's somehow connected to the building of that disastrous Prague's outer (inner) circuit.
Grant Podelco said…
That probably means the current road will become a bike path or something. Whoo-hoo!
I'll be watching Czech Repub play the US on Tuesday in the first to two send off games for the Yanks. Has the fever started over there yet?
Grant Podelco said…
The Czechs beat the Russian 2-1 to win the hockey world championship last night. So yes, the fever has definitely begun!!
Marta Roden said…
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Clive Watkins said…
HI Grant! Clive here - just wanted to say I followed your advice and had a good experience with Cykloservis U Tyrše today - bought a bunch of supplies for our upcoming ride on the first leg of the Danube Cycle Path tomorrow (going with my boys - Tasha nicely providing the "support vehicle" while fly-fishing). Just one thing - Cykloservis U Tyrše has now moved to 38 on the same street. Have a great rest of the summer. C.
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