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Hey, folks. If you're a regular reader of Grant's Prague Bike Blog, it'd be great if you also headed over to the blog's Facebook page and gave it a few "likes."

If you like it, that is.

You'll find interesting links to cycling articles, a chance to share tips and trails, and more photographs.

The more riders we have sharing, the better -- the more useful -- the page will become.

I'd love to see you post your own cycling photos, suggestions on trails in Prague or beyond, where to find the cheapest half-liter of pivo, or anything that's caught your fancy.

See you there!

-- Grant


Anonymous said…
What the heck, is there a store somewhere in Bráník with an endless supply of an extremely cheap black paint?

Nice to read about all the new bike paths in Prague, though. Last time I tried to ride in the inner city in Prague was, I believe, in summer of '86. Returning from a week long biking trip to Slapy, Brdy and Karlštejn area (actually, we were planning to make it all the way to Třeboň, but couple of friends got delayed at work, then we had little too much to drink while waiting for them, and had to sleep it off, and then the temperature climbed up to mid 30's ...) after getting nearly killed in traffic several times, I finally managed to get my front tire stuck in a tram track on Malostranské Náměstí, and took a beautiful spill on the cobblestones. Had a friends guitar strapped on the back of my bike, too, luckily nothing happened to it.

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