Myron Global: The Final Chapter

My damaged heart-rate monitor. I had sent this photo to Myron Global with my original e-mail.

An unbelievable update to my unfortunate dealings with the Atlanta-based company called Myron Global, about which I've written not once, but twice, on this blog.

To make a long-story short, I bought a Garmin Edge 305 GPS device (pictured below) with wireless heart-rate monitor from them for $230, but the heart-rate monitor ended up having a corroded battery compartment. Two or three e-mails and two phone calls to their customer-service department elicted no satisfaction, indeed, elicited no response from the company whatsovever.

Literally the only communication I ever received from the company was what I interpreted as an extortionist e-mail, asking me to remove negative feedback I had eventually posted about the company on eBay, or else they would leave negative feedback about me.

I refused, left my negative feedback, and wrote about my terrible experiences with the company on my blog. It was war.

That was that, I felt. Too much time had gone by for anything else to happen.

And then, most surprisingly, I received an e-mail on Friday (October 19) from Jason in Myron Global's customer-service department:

"Hello, Every 30 days we do a search of un read messages and I see you have several messages that have not been responded to. Can you kindly advise if the HR monitor is working? I understand the issue was a corroded battery. This could have been simply due to heat or a defective battery that melted. All items we sell are brand new and have never been opened. We are not allowed to open items and inspect content as it voids our warranty agreement with the manufacturer.

"Be assured that we would not sell an item that has been opened or is damaged in any way. We do not even ship units that have any damage to the outer box much less the unit. All Garmin units we sell also carry a full warranty with Garmin that is valid for 1 year worldwide.

"If you have replaced the HR monitor through the Garmin monitor, I will archive your messages. If the matter has not been resolved please forward your shipping address so we can ship another unit to you or forward your purchase invoice should you want to claim warranty. -- Regards, Jason, Senior Sales Associate Myron Global, Inc."

I wrote him back and told him that, no, the heart-rate monitor was definitely not working, and related my entire story. Why, I asked, did Myron Global feel the need to resort to extortion when all the company had to do was to respond to my initial complaints. Well, according to Jason, the whole thing was a misunderstanding:

"Grant, let me clarify again. The e-mail you received was not a threat. It was an eBay e-mail showing the two feedbacks that had already been left. The first by you, the second by a CS rep at our company. Once the rep realized that they should not have left feedback for you, they immediately sent a request to withdraw feedback. The email you received is that request. This meant feedback is already left and we need you to approve its removal.

"Ebay rules require that if an ebay user (seller or buyer) wants to remove feedback, any other feedback associated with it has to be removed and both parties have to agree to it. The email you received was an eBay request created by our CS rep for you to look at the feedbacks and withdraw them if you choose. If you decided not to, then you simply delete the message. Feedback had already been left by you and us so we were trying to correct that problem.

"You should never have received feedback from us because you were right and we should have resolved your accessory issue some time ago. I apologize for both these faults."

(Of course, he never explained who it was at Myron Global who felt the necessity to flame me on eBay in the first place, for no reason whatsoever.)

I also mentioned to him that there were quite a few others I had noticed on eBay who complained of the same communication problems with Myron Global:

"There are negative feedbacks for our account mainly for replying late or not replying. We are working on hiring a few more reps to help with the daily messages. We receive about 400-700 messages every day. We begin replying to messages as early as 3:00 A.M. just to keep pace with the daily email volume."

To be fair, some of the complaints are from customers who say they have never received items they had already paid for. I pointed this out to Jason, and specifically mentioned the case of, who left a message about their experiences on my blog. His reply:

"With regards to non-delivery. You will notice that these are only from international buyers. Most of these are due to delays from customs or from international carriers. The user email you provided has the following shipping status: Tracking Number: XXXXXX Status: Your item cleared customs in CANADA at 5:19 pm on October 17, 2007. Information, if available, is updated every evening. Please check again later. Tracking History: Into Foreign Customs, October 17, 2007, 8:20 am, CANADA Arrived Abroad, October 17, 2007, 8:20 am, CANADA International Dispatch, October 12, 2007, 12:06 pm, MIAMI Processed, October 12, 2007, 8:24 am, MIAMI, FL 33112 Acceptance, October 11, 2007, 5:06 pm, REX, GA 30273 -- Regards, Jason"

A new heart-rate monitor is being shipped to me as I write this, via overnight express mail.

I have responded to the original "Feedback Withdrawal Request" and agreed to remove my negative comments in return for the removal of the negative comments about me. I am trusting Jason's version of the story.

There is no doubt, however, that this episode has revealed some pretty serious flaws in the way Myron Global deals with its customers. I hope I have contributed in some small way toward helping the company recognize and -- hopefully -- address these problems.

In a funny postscript to this whole episode, I received an e-mail from eBay the same day that all of this back and forth with Myron Global was going on. It was a "Feedback Abuse" alert, warning me that it was against eBay policy and not cool of me to have included the URL for this blog when I posted my own reply on eBay to Myron Global's scathing attack against me.

I can only laugh.


Dan said…
Most excellent Grant! It pays to be persistent.
Cheers - Dan - Stateside
Anonymous said…
Dan i read about your problem with myron global, definetly they play with your patience, I purchased a GPS model nuvi 350, they sent me C330, which is cheaper and not as good as the first one. Since last wednesday I am waiting for a response to tell me when is the correct one going to be send, tracking number, etc.... Cant get them to respond!!! It is really abusive!!!. Tell you later how this ends.
Charlie said…
Grant...I have an order in progress right now with Myron Global..( a Garmin Nuvi 350 GPS)I puchased the item promptly and then waited for some type of response from them with a tracking number. When several days had passed, I decided to give them an e-mail asking where the tracking number was and when will it ship. I waited several more days and then decided to call the 800 number that they have on their website. I called this number four times, at all times of the day and night, and never once got anything but an automated response. I then went on ebay and started to read the feedback. Let me just say I was shocked to discover that ALL the negative feedback was no communication, no tracking numbers, no response to phone calls, etc. I am still waiting for a reply to determine what I will do next. I may have to go through paypal and file a claim for merchandise not received, but I will wait a few more days and do that as a last resort. I was heartened by your blog and hope that they will honor my questions like they did with you...Good Luck!!

I'll update when I can...

Sprocketboy said…
This is a pretty miserable story. I too bought a Garmin GPS from Myron Global this summer but had no issues of any kind; tracking number sent promptly, product shipped in a timely manner. Hope that everything works out and a new monitor belt arrives.
Anonymous said…
I too have had massive issues with Myron Global. I purchased a garmin 305 and paid immediately, thankfully through PayPal and even received an email from them thanking me for payment. However, since then i have heard nothing, despite sending numerous emails and i have even tried calling from Australia. If this sort of thing happened in Australia, there would be an outcry.

I ahve decided to open a dispute through Paypal and hopefully this will lead to some sort of resolution.
Anonymous said…
I too have had massive issues with Myron Global. I purchased a garmin 305 and paid immediately, thankfully through PayPal and even received an email from them thanking me for payment. However, since then i have heard nothing, despite sending numerous emails and i have even tried calling from Australia. If this sort of thing happened in Australia, there would be an outcry.

I ahve decided to open a dispute through Paypal and hopefully this will lead to some sort of resolution.
Anonymous said…
i finally heard back from Myron Global this morning. Surpringly, they said that were not going to send me my 305 forerunner as i had opened a dispute through ebay. They claim that because i opened this dispute, i must be trying to commit fraud against the company and this is why they won't send what i have paid for.
Grant said…
I am so sorry to hear of all of these bad experiences. I did receive my new heart monitor from Myron Global, but it sounds like they still have a long way to go to satisfy their customers. I know Myron Global knows about this blog, and I know for sure that others thinking of buying from Myron Global are reading this blog, so perhaps all of this will do some good, in the end.
M said…
I had a similar experience w/Myron Global. Paid for Priority shipping on my GPS, took them a week to get it to the Post Office (even though they come to your office EVERY DAY).

No response to emails, I left Neg EBay feedback, they did the same for me, then requested the withdraw.

I said I would if they would refund me the shipping, they then submitted a disputed payment on Ebay! Even denied receiving payment when I sent proof! What goofballs, I wouldn't believe their story about a rogue customer service person, I think it is standard practices for them.
Jan said…
Hi Grant - thanks for the updates on your story. I also shopped at Myron Global - three times and only at the third time I got screwed, everything worked fine with first two orders.

I won the third item - Garmin 60CSx on Sept. 22, paid on Sept. 24 and waited, it usually takes a while. After a month I sent an e-mail asking for the tracking number (it could be stuck at the customs or something), never received a reply. After some more days I checked my PayPal account to find out that there is a tracking number with my latest payment - but for the item that was delivered FIVE DAYS before the payment! Since that day I am trying to contact Myron Global, no response for e-mails, the number listed on eBay (when you ask for seller's contact) is out of service. Two days ago I finally decided to leave a negative feedback and just found out they did the same to me - quite funny for an item I paid for and never received...

I would appreciate if someone can post a phone number of their customer service - if there is one that works!

Btw. eBay and PayPal is useless in helping me - because I missed some stupid 45 day period during which I can open a dispute... And Myron Global keeps working as Verified Member like nothing happened.

Any suggestions from the lucky ones who solved their dispute with Myron Global?


Jan K. (jank3866)
landar said…
Hi Grant:

How were you able to call Myron? They do not post a phone number. I've sent them 4 emails about my non-delivered Garmin (for which I already paid) asking them to put a trace on it. They are not responding to me. This is a Christmas gift for my husband! Can you help, offer any advice?

Grant said…
I get more people reading this blog because of the entries I've posted about my troubles with Myron Global! It's unbelievable. Some seem to come BEFORE they order, which is good, and some, unfortunately, only after they've had a problem.

I found their phone number somewhere on eBay, but it doesn't matter because none of us who've tried to call actually get through. It's just either busy or it's a recording and left messages never get returned.

There is definitely something wrong with Myron Global. I don't know how I managed to get satisfaction in the end. Perhaps it was because of this blog and my postings. I think "M" is right. There was no "rogue" customer service person who flamed me on eBay. It's just standard practice for them to deal with those who dare to leave them negative feedback.

I wish I had some advice, other than to fight them with whatever means you have -- negative eBay feedback, disputing payment if you paid with AmEx, etc. Or writing about them on your blog. Only then did I ever hear from them.

I hope these postings will make other buyers beware about ordering from Myron Global until they work out their serious customer service problems.
Grant said…
I believe the Myron Global number is 678-612-5443. Good luck!
Jan said…
I'm afraid that 678-612-5443 is out of service, or at least it was when I tried it last time.

I also found 888-748-6693 (on my PayPal payment details) but guess what - a recording machine. :(

My next step is filing a complaint with my bank regarding the payment. PayPal and eBay seem to be not interested to provide any help.
A said…
I wish I had found your blog before ordering from these turkeys.
2 Garmin C550s I have on order with them since the 16th with priority shipping. Only today did they run my card. (Unfortunately I used a bank card. I see they dont take AMEX.) No tracking number. No response to 4 emails. No response to multiple phone calls. And the items have not shipped. So much for my mom and sisters Christmas presents.
I am seeing that I may have no recourse with these guys save that of opening a case with my bank and another with the BBB.
I hate schyster companies.
ss in dc said…
was thinking about ordering a garmin from myron when i googled their name and found this blog. needless to say, i won't be ordering from them now. thanks all.
chris said…
after having made the same experience with myronglobal I recommend everybody dealing with somebody else.
2% not satisfied customers is too much. most of them did not receive the paid item. wondering why it is still an ebay power seller. (money rules ebay)
moski said…
I say the same as "ss in dc sa".

I was killing time before auction on a Garmin Gpsmap 60SC closed.

Then i started locking at the feedback, found this blog!

And now im going to bed :)

I´m not gonna buy anything from them.

Thanks all and good luck!
Anonymous said…
I have a pending order with MyronGlobal, I have wrote them two times, I am waiting for other 24 hours than ask to Paypal. I feel a bit silly: I could read this blog before instead than after. Anyway, thanks for your information.
Grant said…
Hey, Moski, I'm glad you found my blog in time. As I've said, I get more traffic on my blog from folks doing research on Myron Global, either before getting ripped off, like yourself, or after, such as Anonymous. Sorry to hear of everyone's troubles. I know how you feel, believe me!
Anonymous said…
Please add me to the list of dissatisfied Myron GlobaL customers. I ordered a Etrex Vista HCX through ebay. Payment made december 8th. Shipping showed shipped from Miami on 20th. I wrote and received no explanation for delay. I have written again as the item is now clearing Customs in Great Britain. I live in Canada. Again no reply. I will start dispute with Paypal as apparently no other option. As with others I wished I had read this before!!
Nick said…
Another bad experience here - I bought two Legend HCx units from Myron Global on the 19th of December. Payment went through immediately (not via Paypal - rather, through their own web site) and the USD475 transaction appeared on my credit card.

After a week or so of hearing nothing, I emailed them using their listed email address, and received no reply. I've tried several times since then with no luck, and a few days ago took the unhappy step of opening an ebay "item not received" dispute.

I am in Australia so I expect a shipping delay, but the tracking field on the Orders page of their web site shows "NA". They haven't shipped it.

In a few days, once the timeout for ebay's dispute response has happened, I will have to take the even less desirable step of asking my bank to reverse the VISA charge under their fraud policy.

I chose Myron Global because of their high ebay rating and because they assured me that their International Order processing was top-notch, but that's obviously a joke. Now I wish I'd looked a little deeper.

Very unhappy. I'll be even more unhappy if they leave me negative feedback, as I made payment immediately on winning the auction and have been nothing but polite. I will certainly be leaving negative feedback for them.
jorge said…
Hi guys,
I ordered a Garmin Forerunner from Myron Global on 24th Of December and guess what..... I'm still waiting for the item. Like Nick, whenever I am visiting the account they created for my orner, the tracking number shows NA. What can I do since I allready paid them? The best thing is to get my money back and order it from someone else. Is it possible through Paypal?
thanks, Jorge
Nick said…
Jorge: My recommendation is to open an ebay dispute using the ebay dispute console. This gives them 10 days to respond. In my case, they responded on day 9.5, and I now have a tracking number for my order. Having read all the other posts, I am fully expecting them to have sent me the wrong units, but I'll wait and see...
Nick said…
Well, they finally arrived. Ordered and PAID FOR on the 19th of December, received on the 23rd of January, some two weeks after opening an Ebay "item not received" dispute. Both units seem to be in good working order.

Doesn't make me like Myron Global any more though. I hope they pick up their game.
Anonymous said…
Hi everybody, I am another Myron Global victim. I have bought a Garmin Vista HCX on 1/dec/07. On 27 I asked for a tracking num. but no answer. On 04/Jan/08 I decide to open the "item not received" dispute. On Jan 18 I receive a Paypal message with a usps tracking num (EB96 9081 136U S) that prove that the item was shipped only the day before.... On jan 23, last day before the automatic closure of the dispute, I convert it into a complain, because I have no proof that the object in transit is really the ordered one. 2 days later the GPS arrives, but I am no more in my country due to a mission abroad.
(In the place where I should have needed the GPS). I could not test the unit, but I decide to close anyway the complain, but then I left the feedback as follow: -Item shipped only after opening ebay dispute, 0 email answered. Unreliable!-
(I think I was just kind).
This is the feedback i have received:

I'm very happy to get my first and last negative feedback!!!
After reading all your comments ther is enough material to sue the seller and Ebay to permit such behaviour.
Grant said…
Man, the negative posts against Myron Global just keep coming and coming. I can't believe that I did not save "Jason's" e-mail address, or I would share it with everyone.

I hope more people come to this blog BEFORE they order from Myron, rather than after.
jorge said…
Finaly, after 7 days since I opened a dispute in Paypal, they decided to send me a tracking number and in my account the item seems to be as "shipped" charakterized. I also recieved an e-mail from Myron Global, that the original shippment was returned to them by our custom offices. I don't believe them because, in that case, the status of my order should be "shipped" many days ago. Instead, the tracking status was "NA" wich means that they didn't sent it till I opened the dispute in Paypal. Am I correct?
Well, let's see what they have sent me.
Mark said…
I am having exactly the same experience with Myron Global. I ordered a Garmin edge 305 and paid directly through Paypal. After days of no communication and several emails to the company and no response to any of them, I opened an enquiry with Paypal. Once I did they sent me a tracking number that indicated on there web site that the item was shipped, although the USPS indicated that they had been notified of a possible pick up. 3 more emails through Paypal and still no response and USPS finally shows the shipment picked up and on its way. I received my 305 after nearly a month. I left a negative feedback report on eBay, and subsequently got an notice of my item being unpaid and received this feedback on the eBay site” FRAUD ALERT - DO NOT DEAL WITH THIS USER - ALL EBAYERS BEWARE!!!”. I threaten to take further action against the company through eBay and Paypal and they have since indicated that they will remove their feedback about me. It’s amusing that the company can not take time to respond to emails from willing buyers for there products but are so very quick to attack people who criticize there way of doing business.
Glen said…
Same thing. I ordered a Garmin handheld GPS on December 2 and paid with Paypal. I didn't put my PO Box in my address and so USPS didn't deliver to me and it was returned to Myron. I sent the shipping amount again on Dec 14 since it was my mistake it wasn't delivered. I sent a follow-up email every day for about 3 weeks - with no response. I even had friends select one of his items for sale and got them to ASK SELLER QUESTION why he wouldn't respond to my emails! In the end, I threatened to go to PayPal and then finally followed through on January 7. On January 24 Paypal resolved the dispute in my favor and, coincidentally, MG wrote to offer to return my money. I left negative feedback on Jan 24 even though by then, based on this website and my own investigation, I knew that MG would retaliate. On Jan 25 I got negative feedback and a request to mutually remove feedback. I've decided to leave the feedback with MG even though it ruins my perfect track record.

Kind of irritating but what can you do?

Mike said…
Ordered a Garmin Forerunner 305 and payed with card. Order accepted but no shipment, no tracking, no news for more then a month. No email or phone answer. Then this email:
We incorrectly archvied your order. I apologize for the error. We are sending the unit via express mail right now."

fortunatley the unit is ok, btw I consider unacceptable an online seller that does not answer to any contact expecially about problems, so I gave a negative feedback specifying the delay and unresponsiveness. I got a negative, I think automatic, feedback with this text: "FRAUD ALERT - DO NOT DEAL WITH THIS USER - ALL EBAYERS BEWARE!!!"

then I received an ebay proposal of feedback retirement agreement, but I do not accept this, I think it is correct to tell other users MyronGlobal do not ansers, and I do not think it is correct to write I make frauds as they took my money the same day!

Thank you for telling me about this blog.
jorge said…
finaly I recieved the item that was great. I left a neutral feedback to them describing the following:

"ITEM+, BUT no com/tion!Shipped item after I opened a Paypal dispute.Never again!"

I will of course never buy from them again....
thanks guys for the help!
Anonymous said…
I bought a GPS 60csx from Myron the other day. The GPS arrived in a timely manner however IT DOES NOT work! It will not turn on with battery power (and I’ve checked the batteries). I‘ve e-mailed Myron and had no response. My question is; has anyone tried contacting the Garmin Co about Myron.
I am going to contact Garmin to see if they honor the one yr warranty. Maybe I’ll have better luck dealing with them.
Anonymous said…
after I left them a neutral feedback, they sticked to their usual policy and left me their typical negative "BAD EBAYER, do not deal with". After that, they asked me to withdraw my neutral feedback, but NOT THANKS, I have to warn their possible future customers before they buy from Myron Global, even if it costs my 100% positive feedback-image.
Mike said…
Well done! I am proud of refusing to retire my negative feedback for them. You can't sell online having no online nor phone contact.
Anonymous said…
Just filed a complaint with the MI Attorney General office against Myron Global and PayPal. Try contacting your's also, some have forms on the 'net.
Anonymous said…
Off course like so many other people commenting I feel screwed by Myron Global. I payed for a Garmin 60csx with paypal 9.mars, got a tracking number on the 10.mars , and that just said that USPS had received a intention to send. Sent e-mail every day starting from the 11.mars, no response off course. So today I finally decided that I would give them negative feedback. The reply came 2 sek. after my post asking me why I posted negative and that I had to be patient, yeah right. I then got a negative feedback from them like everybody else. after a few messages back an forth, they did not reply anymore and threatened to stop shipping to peolpe in Norway, witch made me laugh. The behave like spoiled brats, and threaten everyone who stand up to them. This is what it said in my last reply: We receive upwards of 600 messages every day. All you have to do is send another message if the first email has not been replied to through the ebay ASQ process.

Since you have left feedback you have obviously decided that you are not happy and are not expecting any additional communication. why sshould we give you any updates at this point?

You can return the item to us at our cost and we will give you a refund and cancel this sale. We are not going to sell to buyers in Norway if they cannot wait for delivery of their packages.

The funny thing is that I even paid extra for quicker service. I even sent them a link to USPS that stated the estimated shipping time for all the different international package services. The longest one has up to 10 days :-)

Just kicking myself for not researching the company before buying. This will not happen again.

- Jon Fredrik
Anonymous said…
I have now sent e-mails to ebay asking how they can be a power seller when they only have a 98% positive feedback, and under 4.5 stars on 3 out of 4 categories. This is in violation of the rules of beeing a power seller. Have to see what happens (probably nothing).
Anonymous said…
I am the latest Myron Global victim. I will read feeback before posting from now on. I ordered and paid for 3 Garmins on 3/1/08. I received a tracking number on 3/10/08, but nothing was ever shipped. I left neg feedback after several voicemails and emails. After I left neg feedback Myron Global left me neg feedback and filed an unpaid item dispute that Ebay quickly closed. I have a claim under review with PayPal. I called and PayPal said I should be able to win it easily. NOT NOT BUY FROM MYRON GLOBAL. I started looking at their other bids. Sometimes they have positive feedback left about them within 24 hrs of the auction closing. That looks fake to me.
Anonymous said…
Finally some good news - after being unsuccessful with filling complaints with eBay and PayPal (I missed some ridiculous period of 40 days etc.) I filled a complaint at my bank and after almost three months I RECEIVED FULL AMOUNT back to my account a week ago. All of a sudden it was possible to open a dispute at PayPal even after whatever period time (they did it automatically). I didn't even expect to win it - I paid the never shipped 60CSx in September.

So - my message to others: be persistent, if everything else fails, talk to your bank / credit card company.

Anonymous said…
I too, fell victim to Myron Global. I ordered a 350 Nuvi on the 11th and the next day recieved the USPS tracking number, but as of today (28th) I have recieved no Nuvi. I filed a complaint with the Atlanta BBB and this evening filed a complaint with Citibank (my credit card company). I don't supposed leaving these guys threatening voice mails will help (678-612-5443 is the number on my CC statement, it's a cell phone). I have learned a difficult lesson.
Anonymous said…
I ordered with them a week ago, and in the Shipping status says "New", with tracking "NA".

What does it means, I've sent 3 mails but nothing...
Anonymous said…
My experience :
fortunately I have received my 2 Garmins Vista HCx, new. But - I ordered and paid items. Then for 6 days there wasn't Tracking number. No answers for my e-mails, no activities from MG. When Tracking number appeared, then was it OK. I traced my shipment every evening. What else should I say? I discovered pages In my opinion it is similar or associated company as MG. Be careful.
Levent said…
I wish I had seen this blog before I purchased from them.
I paid $360 for a Garmin 660

It came finally and just not working. Somehow ebay is protecting them. My dispute is closed because seller did not accept wrong doing.

It is not a good idea to send the unit back to PO box address as I may end up like this gentleman:

What a fraud. It is even more disaapointing that ebay does nothing. They forwarded me to BBB, and IC3/

The company is owned by Ali Masood and he also owns ActionGPS. Looks like he is aware of more and more people started complaining about myron he established another one.

By the way check his home address:

We should come together and apply to police.

This guy should not get away with this.
ela007 said…
JEEZ, i've only just seen this. My payment via paypal didn't seem to go through, though, but is there any chance of cancelling my order? Probably not, eh? I was so happy to find a great deal on garmin edge 305 on ebay, and now i'm really worried. Plus I live in Europe, so good luck to me, right :-/
bikeskiboy said…
Sadly my story is the same. Defective product and no reply to emails , no other way to contact them. They are quick to reply when money is involved. I am thinking of buying cheap things from them and posting negative feebacks with every purchase. That should get their attention. Frankly they should be banned from eBay!
Anonymous said…
I have a similar story to everyone else, I live in Australia and thought I could save some money purchasing in the US, I've done so many times before with no dramas at all, so then I ordered from Myron Global. On the 21st of April I Purchased two Garmin 60CSX 's, all good, too easy, within a couple of days I sent them an email asking if the items had be shipped, as I only got an email saying that my order had been placed. surprise surprise, no reply. I continued sending emails, a couple a day for a week, until I started reading blogs on the internet about them. Then I got really worried and asked ebay for there contact details, I tried there 678 612 5443 number for three days to no avail. A couple of days later I just happened to try it again, wow someone answered( I think it was a mistake on the operators behalf, as when I rang it was out of hours he didn't announce a company name, and the call was answered before it started ringing) So I asked the polite operator what was happening with my order? He checked the system, and told me that the item had been shipped on the 1st of May, odd considering I paid immediately with Paypal on April 21st and was expecting same day shipping. He explained to me that he wasn't in charge of shipping and there was nothing he could do about it, fair enough. After I got that information out of him I them proceeded to tell him what I thought of there communication, and that the word was on the street that Myron Global was getting a very bad name. He was very polite, and agreed with me, but again reiterated that there was nothing he could do! Well it's the 14th of May now and I still don't have my GPS's, so I've filed a claim with Paypal and will see how I go with that! It seem I'll be riding this weekend without the satellites to guide me. I'll update you if I here anything!
Anonymous said…

Thabks a lot for posting this blog. I was in the process to purchase an item from MG but after reading comments will buy from anyone but MG.

Cheers, Swedish Mike
Bram said…
Item got stuck in customs because he didn't fill in the right forms. Shipped after 3 weeks.

Paypal refunded me...
Anonymous said…
Me from Australia again, I've finally had my complaint from Paypal resolved, Myron global gave me a refund and negative feedback. How nice of them, now I'm a fraud too? Don't be scared to ask ebay to remove your negative from them if it says "Fraud alert" as this comment is quite defaming and is against ebays abuse policy!
Mike said…
how do you ask ebay to remove the "Fraud alert" negative feedback? I was not able to find a way on
Anonymous said…
ME From Australia Again! I relation to getting negative feedback removed. First of all I asked them to remove negative feedback because due to a recent update to ebay Australia, sellers can't leave negative feedback plus in the page " " you can apply to have negative feed back removed because it is defamatory! UPDATE I have now had my negative feedback removed, and hope that anyone else that has had any unsatisfactory dealings with this unscrupulous seller myron global can now confidently give negative feedback that this seller deserves.
Mike said…
Thanks to your suggestion, I asked about my "FREUD ALERT" feedback and had the feedback removed the next day, GREAT!

Thank you again for this blog post, I think it helped many of us.
Grant Podelco said…
I am constantly amazed by how many people have posted their bad experiences with Myron Global on my blog. And very happy to know that the information here is helping others!
Anonymous said…
Here is a video of this guy. I'm in the same boat. Paid $300+, nothing shipped, no email response, bad phone number. What happened to the old eBay?
Mike said…
curiously, I'm a rower too :-)
Anonymous said…
If anyone is looking for this guy. His name is Ali Hamood and he is operating at in Atlanta.
Anonymous said…
Masood, Ali

7411 Southlake Parkway
Jonesboro, Georgia 30236
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Jon Fredrik said…
Found this video on youtube :-)

PESA & ECMTA eCommerce Summit 2008 with Ali Masood
Anonymous said…
PayPal's Buyer Protection on eligible transactions purchased on has increased from $3,000 AU to $20,000 AU. To know if your item is covered, simply look for the 'buy safely' section when viewing your item on

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