A Mystery Memorial (UPDATED)

There were no notes or signs to give visitors any indication of what happened here.

Call me Mr. Mojo Fallin'. Just can't seem to get up the enthusiasm for riding that I used to feel. And my thighs hurt like hell when I'm climbing, more than they should, I believe.

In short, it's no fun no more.

I've been taking some daily supplements of B complex and CoQ10 in an effort to help my thighs and energy levels, but it hasn't worked so far. Also taking Silymarin, or milk thistle, for my liver.

Anyway, I went on a very short ride the other day through Divoka Sarka. Other than my total lack of energy and enthusiasm, the only other thing worth mentioning is a small memorial I happened to spot on the edge of the park, not that far from the park entrance near the McDonald's on Evropska.

Beneath a tall cliff face was a small stepladder on which were placed some flowers and candles. A newly graveled path led to this makeshift memorial. There was no sign or markings of any kind.

Obviously, something happened here. Probably something bad. But for the life of me, I can't find any information on what it might be. Perhaps someone out there can fill me in.

(UPDATE: Blog reader Circuit Rider CZ alerted me to this story. Turns out, the body of a young man was found at this location back in February. It was unclear whether his 50-meter fall was an accident, a criminal act, or a suicide. Very sad.)

A newly graveled path leads to the small memorial.

I can only surmise that perhaps a climber fell to his/her death here or that someone was killed by falling debris. (I would question the intelligence of placing a memorial in the same spot where someone was killed by falling rock. I couldn't help but look up with some degree of trepidation when I was visiting. I didn't stick around long.)

Any information would be greatly appreciated. I'll update the blog accordingly.

Length of ride: 9 kilometers
Average speed: 11.9 kph
Maximum speed: 33.6 kph
Pivo Index: 0
Distance ridden so far in 2013: 28 kilometers

I'm always amazed at how close to the city Divoka Sarka is, but how it can feel like you're miles from civilization.

I passed this rather disturbing scene on my ride. I'm afraid to ask.


Hi Grant,

I guess it has somehing to do with this: http://www.sarecke-udoli.cz/news/tragicky-pad-mladika-ze-skaly-v-sarce-prevzato-z-novinky-cz/.

Grant Podelco said…
Thanks for that, Circuit Rider CZ. I've updated the post. Very sad, indeed.

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