I'm back (I think)

Yes, I took my new bike out on its maiden voyage yesterday (that's me, above). Stewart and I went from Prague 6 to the village of Okor. My trip stats:

Length of ride: 40.04 km
Average speed: 17.2 kph
Maximum speed: 41.8 kph
Temperature: 37-48 degrees F. (3-9 C.)
Time on bike: 2 hours, 19 minutes

I'd gone to the doctor on March 28 to get a status report on my ear infection. He advised me not to ride for another week, but I just couldn't stand it. I dressed warmly and told myself I wouldn't overdo it.

Of course, I overdid it.

I actually felt pretty good through three-quarters of the ride, but I totally lost it for the last 9 kilometers or so. My legs were rubber. My neck hurt. I was exhausted. I limped home, drenched in sweat.

The bike felt good. I adjusted the front shocks to make them a little less mushy. I could tell a big difference going up hills. It was just plain easier. Nothing could be as hard as riding my heavy trekking bike up some of these monsters. The shifting was like butter. Riding through mud was a pleasure, not a reason to fear for my life.

The only problem is that I think I need to have my handlebars raised. I was too hunched over. It was a bit of a strain to look up to see where I was going.

In Statenice, we met up with Stewart's friend, Guy, who lives in Velke Prilepy (that's Stewart, left, and Guy above). Very nice guy (sorry, I had to). We then cycled together to Okor and had a nice chat over soup and beer (OK, I had coffee since I had to work later that day) at Family Hotel Okor & Restaurant, this charming French-countryish inn in Okor. That place deserves its own entry when I get a chance. It's fantastic.

Not much else to report of interest on the ride. Oh, when I was riding back, the Frederic Chopin, this huge floating hotel, did pass me on the Vltava as I was riding along the river. Kinda cool.

I was just glad to be out, frankly.


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