In The Gloaming

Mark and I went out on an evening run last night. It was a beautiful evening, but we got a late start. My fault. Meetings at work.

And Mark already one beer ahead of me.

We finally started out around 6:30 p.m. and headed to Okor. I figured we'd be biking home in the dark (not my favorite pastime), but decided to live dangerously.

First of all, in Roztoky, we cycled into huge swarms of lovebugs. I was riding ahead, with Mark drafting behind, so it was I who had the misfortune of becoming covered in a few dozen of these pesky flies.

I felt like a giant windshield.

One flew up my nose.

Mark eventually had his own close encounters with them.

We cycled the usual route through Unetice, Statenice and Lichoceves and on to Okor. And what a beautiful ride it was. As we heading down the long road into the village, we passed field after field of rapeseed, aglow in the golden light from the setting sun.

We also had a European brown hare race cross the road just in front of Mark's tires.

After a quick glass of Gambrinus in Okor, we headed back into the gloaming.

About halfway, I had to turn on my front headlamp and rear light. The trails were dark, but it a nice ride. No one around. The woods quiet and still.

It was only once we got to Roztoky and the highway where things turned unpleasant, with all the cars and trucks racing past, and nowhere for us to escape to. Again, cars and trucks traveling unnecessarily fast.

It caused us to pedal faster, however, and we made good time. I recorded my fastest average speed yet.

Ride stats:

Distance: 41.5 kilometers
Average speed: 18.4 kph
Maximum speed: 42.8 kph
Length of ride: 2.14.26
Number of flats in 2007: 3
Total distance for 2007: 491.5

Somehow, I never get bored with this route. It feels like you've gone someplace, accomplished something, when it's all over. And it's still a thrill to see the castle ruins peeking out from above the hills as we near the village.

Highly recommended.

The lilacs have exploded in Prague.


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