Hitting the big time

My friend James Gogarty, who's the web manager at provokator.org, was kind enough to write a little article about this blog on his site. Check it out.

I'm grateful for any publicity I can get.

And his site is definitely worth bookmarking.

I met James at Koliba a few weeks back, while I was out on a ride. He'd been reading the blog himself and actually recognized me as I was sipping a beer. It was kind of freaky, but also very cool.

We haven't yet been able to schedule a ride together, but I'm sure we will soon.

He's talking about cycling to Dresden sometime. That would certainly get me the so-called "century" that many cyclists aspire to -- that is, 100 miles (160 kilometers) in a day. I've already completed a "metric century" -- 100 kilometers in a day.

If anyone out there has any experiences with these long bike trips from Prague, drop me a comment.


Mark said…
Good note in Provakator!

One minor correction -- didn't James actually recognize you 'and' Stewart? I recall the original post having James say something like "aren't you guys" the ones from the bike blog ... ;)

Grant said…
Touche! I must go back and remove all of Stewart's pictures from the postings. I want full and unconditional credit for my own blog.

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