A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood

The restaurant called Koliba in Roztoky.

Daisy and I went on a quick trip on Saturday (May 19) from Prague 6 to Roztoky, to have dinner at one of our favorite restaurants, Koliba. I've written about it before. It's a charming chalet set amid the forest just on the outskirts of Roztoky, at the end of a street called Tiché údolí. Turn left just before the Victoria restaurant on the corner of the main street in Roztoky and go all the way to end.

Koliba is situated at the beginning, or end, of one of our favorite trails, so it's a perfect place to have a beer and some food while out cycling.

Especially on a day like Saturday -- sunny and very warm.

Koliba is known for its grilled food. I ordered grilled sardines (I don't recall ever seeing that anywhere on a menu in Prague!), and Daisy ordered grilled salmon. We also had a plate of grilled vegetables -- potatoes, peppers, and onions.

That may not sound all that spectacular, but restaurants in the Czech Republic (especially in this price range) are not exactly known for their selections of fish (unless you're talking about carp or trout), or for offering a selection of vegetables, for that matter. My sardines, for example, were 100 CZK, or about $4.75. Our entire meal came to $27.

It was delicious. We washed it all down with two half-liters each of Budvar beer.

So it wasn't so much a ride for exercise as it was a ride to get somewhere where we could sit outside and eat and where I could have a few beers and not worry about driving home (there's 0% tolerance in the Czech Republic). Koliba is the perfect place.

We cycled from Prague 6 through Stromovka park, where we saw a new fountain that's been installed. I also took a picture of a house in our neighborhood that's being swallowed by monster ivy (see below).

We then cycled along the Vltava to Sedlec, past the Riverside School, and along the highway that takes you into Roztoky. It's a beautiful stretch of road, with the river and cliffs on the far bank, but it can be a bit dangerous, since the cars are always going too fast for conditions. And there's no shoulder on one stretch, so cyclists are particularly exposed.

Be careful.

Length of ride: 24 kilometers
Average speed: 15.8 kph
Maximum speed: 38.9 kph
Time on bike: 1.30
Distance ridden in 2007: 665 kilometers


Anonymous said…
The Roztoky bike ride (and restaurant Koliba lunch) sound good. Unfortunately, the blogger doesn't leave a clue on how to find these places. Oh well.
Grant said…
Well, I've written about all these places and trails many times in previous blog posts, as I mentioned. But point taken. I added better directions to get to Koliba in the posting.
Anonymous said…
This place does sound good. Yeah, I've never read any of your postings before and then I came upon this one and wanted to know where to go, but you didn't give directions. You did provide a link to the restaurant, though, which was a helpful. But my first thought was how do I get to this place and when I didn't see a directions section I was a bit confused. Just my two cents.
Anonymous said…
Hi Grant,

have you ever tried to cross the river using a ferry in Sedlec or Podbaba? I mean that it can be quite useful to use it because of the fact that the right bank of the river is much quiter (there is no road along it).

Check this unofficial cycling map:
The map.

The ferries are part of ROPID (Regional Organisator of Prague Public Transport).

Link is here (click on Privozy = Ferries): ROPID.
Anonymous said…
The recommended route for cyclist is along the right bank of the Vltava River.

The list of ferries in the Czech Republic is here: List of Ferries (there is no mention about the ferry in Podbaba).

There are other 2 ferries which might be useful and a pedestrian bridge northwards of Prague.

There is ferry from Roztoky to Klecanky: Link.

Pedestrian bridge is in Rez (connecting the village with train stop near Nuclear Science Institute) and another ferry is in Libcice Link.

Of course you can cycle back to Prague 6 through Troja and cross the river directly to Stromovka (via Cisarsky ostrov).
Grant said…
Yes, I've taken the ferries and plan to write about them in a future post. They're pretty cool.

The problem is, if you want to get to Roztoky and bypass that dangerous stretch of road, you can take the ferry from Sedlec to the right bank, but then the next ferry is quite a ways down the river, far from Roztoky.

I've never seen a ferry crossing in Rotzoky, but I'll have to look closer, since you sent that link.

Thanks for the info!
Max Bahnson said…
That Koliba place looks really nice. Would love to visit it. Just one silly question, though. What kind of beer do the have there? I hope it is not Staropramen...
Grant said…
The beer at Koliba is Budvar!
Max Bahnson said…
Thanks, mate.
BTW. Really good blog...

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