Lunatic Fringe

Rob sent me links to an amazing story and video clip from Toronto.

Turns out some 12th grade students were investigating the use of CCTV cameras and ended up recording a troubling incident involving a motorist and a cyclist. A driver -- apparently angry at a cyclist for making him wait a few more minutes at a red light -- ended up getting out of his car and assaulting the cyclist.

Watch it here.

Unfortunately, this is just the type of incident I can see happening (and which I'm sure *has* happened) here in Prague.

I was out on Sunday with some friends and two of us were sideswiped by a car traveling at very high speed on an empty country road. There is no doubt that the driver was trying to scare us or intimidate us by driving so close.

Fortunately, he didn't actually hit us. Of course, if he had, we'd have been killed.

How to explain the behavior of these lunatics??

Anyway, back to the Toronto story.

What's more amazing than the video itself is the follow-up story, in which the identity of the motorist is revealed.

I won't spoil it. Check it out for yourself.


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