The Pitts'

Villa Brangelina.

I vowed when I started this blog that I would record all of my rides, whatever the distance, duration, or sites (or lack thereof) along the way.

Well, I did go out for a short ride last night.

From my flat in Prague 6, Dejvice, through Stromovka park, down the Vltava, to Podbaba, turned left, along the road, V Šáreckém údolí, that runs through Dolni Šárka below Hanspaulka, past the Hill of Doom (but not up it!), to the entrance to Divoka Šárka, at the restaurant called Chorvatsky Mlyn (another great restaurant, by the way) on Horoměřická.

I just wanted to get out and get some exercise, but I'd been out pretty late the night before, drinking lots of Georgian wine and eating lots of unbelievable Georgian food (it's incredible what they do with walnuts) with lots of wonderful Georgians, and I wasn't feeling my usual self. (I'm talking here about the nation of Georgia, by the way.)

I took the same basic route back, and don't have much to report, other than I rode past the villa in Prague 6 where Brad and Angelina are staying for the next month or so, while she films a movie, "Wanted," at Barrandov studios. I think they're in Cannes at the moment, however.

A whole forest of bamboo fencing has been put in place around the terraces and outside walls to prevent paparazzi and folks like me from disturbing their peace.

Who can blame 'em?

Length of ride: 19 kilometers
Average speed: 18.2 kph
Maximum speed: 38.8 kph
Time on bike: 1.01.49
Distance ridden in 2007: 684 kilometers


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