World Naked Bike Ride, And Other Dangly Bits

Daisy, Rob, and I took a trip to Amsterdam in November to hang out and see Lucinda Williams in concert. Amsterdam is one of those rare places where the motorists have to watch out they don't get hit by cyclists. Pedestrians, too. It's a bike-mad city, and I love it!

I've had a busy week, at work and at home, and haven't had a chance to make it out since Sunday. Ugh. Tomorrow, perhaps.

Unfortunately, even though the days are longer, I haven't much felt like cycling when I get home from work. It's a commitment of at least two to three hours, and I just haven't had the energy, or the motivating factor of a partner waiting for me on my doorstep.

Stewart, my usual evening riding buddy, has been busy filming "Prince Caspian" in Usti nad Labem. He's been riding horses, not bikes.

I thought I might make it out today, but alas. It's a scorcher here in Prague, around 30 degrees Celsius.

So, a few news and notes, and some pictures to keep things moving forward.

Are Helmets Allowed?

It's World Naked Bike Ride day today. Participating in Critical Mass is one thing, but ...

Riding On Sidewalks

Rob sent me an interesting story from "The New York Times" about cyclists and motorists living together in harmony. It contains some very useful tips for both.

I have to say, though, regarding riding on the sidewalk, I often resort to the sidewalks here in Prague when cycling through congested city streets. I always go slowly, and yield to pedestrians at all times, of course. I'd rather get dirty looks from pedestrians than brave the congestion on the streets of central Prague.

As I've said many times, the drivers are just too crazy and aren't looking out for cyclists. The chances of getting sideswiped or "doored" are too great.

Supporting The Draft

Rob also sent me a clip from one of my favorite shows, "Mythbusters" on the Discovery Channel. This one, which I hadn't seen, has to do with the "myth" of a car, or in this case a cyclist, being able to draft behind an 18-wheeler on the highway. That is, sliding into its wake and letting yourself be pulled along, going faster with much less physical exertion.

Kids, don't try this at home!

I love plane trees. This mammoth specimen is in Letna park, in Prague 6. We call them "paint-by-number" trees, since their bark reminds us of those painting sets we used to play with when we were kids (see below).

Daisy and I were cycling out past Okor last summer. The sun was setting, and a wheat field was bathed in golden light. I used my sunglasses as a filter.


Caged Fury said…
Dobry den.

My wife and I recently visited Prague, and thoroughly enjoyed our short time there. I found your blog while googling for Prague stuff. I work for Adventure Cycling Association here in the US - . I've passed on the link to your blog to everyone here at ACA, so maybe you'll see a few more visits.

You take great pictures, and I enjoy your cmomentary.

Take care.
Grant said…
I'm glad you had great time in Prague. Did you do any cycling while you were here?

Thanks a lot for the compliments, too. Much appreciated!

I've added a link to the Adventure Cycling Association on my blog. The blog looks very interesting, especially the bike journal links.

All the best.

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