My Bad Experience With Myron Global, Part II

This is the extortionist e-mail I received from Myron Global, via eBay. Click to enlarge.

I have an amazing story to tell.

In early July, I purchased a Garmin Edge 305 GPS device for my bike on eBay from a U.S.-based company called Myron Global. I paid about $230 for a "brand new" Garmin, including a wireless heart-rate monitor.

I wrote about my battle with Myron Global at length in this space a few weeks ago, but to make a long story short, when I got the Garmin, the heart-rate monitor never worked properly. I eventually bought a new battery for it, thinking that might be the trouble. But when I went to swap out the old one, I found the battery compartment to be totally corroded (see photo below).

In short, it was far from "brand new."

I contacted the company via e-mail, as they recommend -- even including a photo of the damage -- but heard nothing back.

A second e-mail also elicted no response. Phone calls to the company were never answered. I left my name and number and e-mail address on a recording. No response.

In the end, my only revenge came in leaving negative feedback about the company on its eBay feedback forum (all of the other negative feedback for Myron Global is basically an echo of mine -- no communication from the company) and writing a blog posting about my horrific experience.

I smile secretly every time someone comes to my blog after they've Googled "Myron Global," which has been quite a few, I must admit.

So imagine my surprise when I received an e-mail the other day from eBay. The subject line was: "eBay Feedback Withdrawal Request for Item #320132720693." (You can read the e-mail yourself by clicking to enlarge the accompanying screen grab.)

I like eBay a lot, but this is basically eBay-sanctioned extortion. The deal is this: In the e-mail, Myron Global tells me that they won't post negative feedback they've written about me ("Horrible -- Worst Ebay User - Do not deal with - All ebayers Beware - Alert !!!!) if I retract the negative feedback I left about them.

I am speechless.

If they had only used the time they spent threatening me to actually deal with my complaint, we could probably have resolved this problem a long time ago.

Needless to say, I am retracting nothing.

Myron Global -- Caveat emptor.


Anonymous said…
Wow! I can't believe anyone would try anything so stupid and I applaud you for standing up to it. If Myron reads this post, they can be sure that I'll never buy anything from them. I hope more of your blog readers will leave supportive comments. Let's stand up for each other.
Myron Global sucks, thanks to the net we have your story. Cyclists beware!!...ebayers beware...perhaps now write to Garmin and let them know how bad Myron Global Sucks. After all many heard about this device from you, a good review too...
You are not alone Grant. I just checked the feedback rating for the Myron Global Fraudsters and they have 98%...not good. Better still (or worse) follow the negative feedback and invariably the buyer also has a severe negative from - you guessed it - Myron Global ,Crooks!
Someone who left a negative for the thieves Myron Global...
Fabio Brunetti said…
I am really surpised to read this.
I bought a forerunner 305 from myron global a couple of months ago and it is wonderful. I got it in a week and it had a free plug for Italy. Not too many companies sell to Italy and then they included the free plug. I have nothing but good things to say about them so your post is very surprising to me.

Was the edge 305 also damaged? Also, I am thinking of buying an edge 305, do you recommend it?

Grant said…
Hi, Fabio,

Sadly, I have nothing but bad things to say about them. If only they'd simply responded to my inquries, rather than totally ignoring me.

As for the Edge 305 itself, no, it was not damaged, thankfully. So far, it's working OK. I've been very happy with it. It's really cool to see your route on Google Earth after a ride. It's very helpful for the blog. And to be able to accurately measure your ascents and descents during a ride is very revealing.

I'd recommend it, but it's not cheap. Just be careful from whom you purchase it. said…

This site is great and unfortunately only after I was screwed by myronglobal and began investigating did I find it. I left the following email on all three sites that myronglobal claims to be a member of, which are (Square trade,PESA member, ebay member). If you have not pursued this avenue, maybe you will now.

Myron Global are a poor excuse for an ebayer. I and many like me have made a huge mistake in dealing with one of your certified companies in myron global, see ( - 83k -)

I purchased a Garmin GPSMAP 60CSX from them on Oct.2nd/07 and paid for express shipping so I could have it in 5 days. I am yet to receive my item. I have made on average two inquiries per day for tracking numbers, concerns, etc. I get no response, I called the number on my receipt (888-748-6693) and it does not work. The company and mailing address does not exist as is listed on the ebay profile. This company are a bunch of crooks and it is all of our responsibility to keep ebay(a great site) free of these thieves. When ever a custumer of myronglobal leaves negative feedback because they have been robbed, myronglobal then and only then will raise there head and leave retalitory feedback for the custumer, totally unjustified as all of there other feedback is great. Only the crooks myron global are leaving poor feedback as a way of discrediting the find ebayers including myself that pay in full upfront and then get stiffed in the end.

I am asking that you help us rid ebay of this company.

Anonymous said…
check it out. did you withdraw feedback or ebay did?
thom@s said…
I bought a Edge 305 bundle a week ago. Since then no news, no tracking number, no answer to all my e-mails... :-(
I have no phone number to contact them and will ask Paypal for refund if my parcel doesn't arrive quickly.
Anonymous said…
Hello! Same is happening to me. I buyed the 305 forerunner 20 days ago and i have no answer from them. This guys are incredible!!!
Grant said…
Sorry to hear about the continuing troubles. All I can say is that many folks have come to this blog via Google as they research Myron Global before making a purchase, and I'm sure I've steered quite a bit of business away from them. That's my only satisfaction. I hope you all get your 305's soon!
Anonymous said…
oops and i was considering buying a 305 off these people. After reading all of the negative comment I probably won't know. Chasing these people from New Zealand would just be too much of a hassle!
Anonymous said…
I ordered a 350 Nuvi, then found your blog (figures). I can not find a phone number for these guys. If anyone has it, please post so I can begin harrassing them for my order!
Grant Podelco said…
The published phone numbers don't work. They don't answer and they don't respond to messages. Only a negative post on eBay seems to have any affect.
Huseyin said…
I am even dumber. I saw this post before I purchased my Garmin 660 from this company. I said "this must be an isolated event as they have a good feedback"

My garmin came finally (I am not writing delayed delivery for expressed shipping). IT IS NOT WORKING. The display is defective, shows white/pale gray. IT DOES NOT CHARGE USING THE CAR CHARGER.

I already paid $50 customs duty to Canadian customs.

I called Garmin because the listing says "1 year international Garmin warranty"
Garmin said "no such thing" they are not authorized Garmin dealer (the item description clearly says: WE ARE AN AUTHORIZED GARMIN DEALER") i checked Garmin web site They are not..

I asked for a return arrangement and they are now claiming "the unit was up to the spec".

One final thing: When you call the phone number on their invoice, it rings for a while and then message immitates "lines are temporarily busy, please try again later"..

What a fraud..
Anonymous said…
I think they may have gone under as I ordered a Garmin GPSMAP from them and paid with paypal. When it didn't arrive I checked and paypal did not pay. When I tried to pay again paypal the screen said "seller not able to accept paypal". No GPS for me but at least they didn't get my money.
Hus said…
They are finally "not registered" in ebay. Their negative feedback on my account is deleted as well. I got my moneyback from masterCard finally.

I am sure they will open another account and rip off people with another name.

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